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Core Investigation Team

Project Leader (Shaun Strouse)
– The person with the most experience. He will make the decisions on the investigation plan and the final call on group membership.

Investigator (Lead / Regular) – An experienced paranormal researcher that’s firmly involved in the investigation planning.

Investigator Trainee – A member who’s still learning the job. Usually, trainees try many of the positions listed below to find their niche.

Case Manager – A very valuable member of team who does initial research, qualifies investigation leads, and coordinates the investigation. He/She may or may not be a resource to the public or media.

Equipment Manager – He/She trains the investigators on equipment use and handling.

Evidence Analyst – He/She evaluates the evidence. For large teams, you may have a few analysts with an area of specialty by the equipment type like EVP.

Researcher – This may or may not be the case manager. They research the history of the haunting and may or may not interview witnesses. They get the haunting background, simply put.

Additional Team Members

Demonologist – They’re hard to find, but they deal with possible demonic hauntings.

Occultist – They know all about the Occult (witchcraft, paganism, divination, spiritualism, etc. It’s a broad area to cover).

Psychic/Sensitive/Medium – A person with a connection to the afterlife. This role is open to debate since it essentially overrides measurement by the equipment.

Cryptozoologist – A person who knows all about the creatures of the unknown (think Big Foot, werewolves, etc.).

UFOlogist – A person with knowledge of aliens, spacecraft and aerial phenomena. A similar role is the USOlogist, who deals with underwater phenomena.

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Mystic Paranormal Team covers most of Wisconsin. MPT will also cover parts of Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. For paranormal services in the Jefferson County area (Jefferson, Watertown, Fort Atkinson, Lake Mills, Johnson Creek) please contact Mystic Paranormal Team affiliate Jefferson County Ghosthunters. Click the button below.


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